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Buy STIIIZY Products Online

STIIIZY is a well-known brand in the California recreational cannabis market, renowned for their high quality vapes. They have also branched out into other product lines such as edibles, concentrates and topicals. So, if you're in the market for some STIIIZY products, read on to learn more about this company's offerings and to get an answer to the question:

What is the best way to purchase STIIIZY products?

What is STIIIZY?

STIIIZY is a popular cannabis concentrate producer in California. Mainly focusing on disposable vape pods, STIIIZY also offers disposable vape pens, vape batteries, and even cannabis flower products.

Pretty much every dispensary in California carries STIIIZY, making it easy to restock whenever you run out. This brand also offers enough product diversity to keep you from getting bored. Best of all, STIIIZY products are comparatively affordable while offering the same quality as more expensive options.

Who owns STIIIZY?

STIIIZY is a subsidiary of Shryne Group, which is operated by co-owner James Kim along with CEO Jon Avidor and president Tak Sato. Shryne Group controls a vast network of cultivation, manufacturing, and retail facilities throughout California and operates a variety of other cannabis brands in addition to STIIIZY.

What products does STIIIZY offer?

STIIIZY is primarily known for its line of THC vape pods, but this brand also offers a wide variety of other cannabis products including disposable vape pens, flower, and pre-rolls. Vape pods are like normal vape cartridges, but they’re a different shape. To accommodate its own pods and provide a solution for users of other brands, STIIIZY has launched a line of batteries and charging accessories.

1. STIIIZY disposable vape pens

The LIIIL STIIIZY line is a collection of miniature disposable vape pens. Around the size of a USB drive, each LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Vape Pen contains a half-gram of THC concentrate in flavors such as:

  • Skywalker OG

  • Biscotti

  • OG Kush

  • Gelato

  • Grandaddy Purp

  • Birthday Cake

  • Blue Dream

  • Sour Diesel

  • & more

LIIIL STIIIZY vapes are also available in two CBD options. These disposable vape pens offer the same high quality and reasonable pricing as other STIIIZY products, but they don’t contain much cannabis concentrate and are inherently wasteful.

2. STIIIZY vape pods

Our STIIIZY pods review will cover the full line of vape pod products STIIIZY offers. There are quite a few options available these days, but all STIIIZY pods are compatible with standard vape pod batteries.

What types of STIIIZY pods are there?

STIIIZY’s vape pods are separated into three quality tiers: Original, Silver, and Gold. Pods in the Original line feature botanically derived terpenes and are offered at the lowest price point.

Silver STIIIZY pods contain cannabis-derived terpenes, which experts consider to be higher-quality. STIIIZY’s cannabis terpenes are derived from a single source, eliminating common contamination issues and improving flavor.

One rung higher on the quality ladder are STIIIZY’s Gold vape pods, which contain live resin CBD terpenes. The packaging that comes with these high-end pods is definitely the nicest-looking, and live resin terpenes taste even better than normal cannabis-derived terpenes.

  • 3 quality tiers of pods are available

  • Each quality tier offered in both 0.5g and 1g pods

  • STIIIZY offers live resin THC vape pods

  • More affordable options are also available

STIIIZY pods flavors

STIIIZY pods come in tons of different flavors that are all derived from popular cannabis strains. Some STIIIZY pods recreate the flavors of famous strains using botanical terpenes, but others feature terpene profiles extracted directly from high-quality cannabis buds.

A lot more flavors become available as you move higher up the STIIIZY pod food chain. Original STIIIZY pods contain the same extract you find in LIIIL STIIIZY disposables. STIIIZY’s cannabis-derived terpene pods, however, are available in exclusive flavors like:

  • Kush Sorbet

  • White Fire

  • Jack Herer

  • Lemon Drop

  • Mango Kush

  • Cookies & Cream

  • Chemdawg

  • Sour Cookies

  • & many more

You’d think STIIIZY would offer fewer flavors in its high-end live resin vape pod line, but on the contrary, just as many options are provided as you can find in any of this brand’s other vape pod sub-categories.

  • Galactic Glue

  • Diamond OG

  • Papaya

  • Ice Cream Cake

  • Apple Mints

  • Space Glue

  • Chem Reserve

  • Dub Breath

  • & more

Not all STIIIZY flavors are available at all STIIIZY retail outlets. Call the dispensary you’ll be visiting ahead of time to make sure they have the STIIIZY pod you’re looking for.

Are live resin STIIIZY pods worth it?

Connoisseurs consider live resin to be the best option available. Not only do live resin terpenes taste great, but they might even be more effective since live resin is extracted before cannabis buds are harmed by oxidation. STIIIZY’s live resin pods are certainly more expensive than other STIIIZY options, but they’re often more affordable than live resin pods from competing California brands.

What is the best STIIIZY pod?

Out of the three options, STIIIZY’s Gold pods are definitely the best. They feature live resin terpenes, after all, which are the gold standard when it comes to the flavor and effects of cannabis vapes. From there, simply pick the flavor you like best: Each STIIIZY Gold vape pod is equally delicious.

How long do STIIIZY pods last?

Most users will find 1g STIIIZY pods to last around a week and half-gram pods to last 3-4 days. Take 1-2 hits every hour or as desired. Remember to keep your STIIIZY pod’s rechargeable battery at full charge to vaporize the cannabis extract in your vape most efficiently.

3. STIIIZY vape batteries

STIIIZY now offers two vape battery options: The STIIIZY Original Battery, also known as the STIIIZY Starter Kit, and the BIIIG STIIIZY, a high-capacity upgrade. The LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Vape Pod has a built-in disposable battery, but all other STIIIZY batteries are fully rechargeable.

STIIIZY battery colors

STIIIZY’s batteries are offered in a lot of different colors to suit your preferences. The STIIIZY Original Battery is available in 17 colors options, including:

  • Neon Blue

  • Neon Green

  • Neon Pink

  • Pearl White

  • Orange

  • Camo

  • Silver

  • Rose Gold

  •  & more

The BIIIG STIIIZY Battery is offered in 11 colors, including:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Camo

  • Gold

  • Green

  • Orange

  • Purple

  • Red

  • & more

The STIIIZY Portable Power Case, a power pack with the STIIIZY logo, is offered in the same 11 colors as the BIIIG STIIIZY battery.

How much is a STIIIZY Starter Kit?

The STIIIZY Starter Kit is offered for $25 on the STIIIZY official website. It’s often possible to find better deals on this and other STIIIZY products at dispensaries or through cannabis delivery services.

What is the BIIIG STIIIZY Advanced Kit?

The BIIIG STIIIZY Advanced Kit is just another name for the STIIIZY Big Battery, a high-capacity battery STIIIZY introduced as an alternative to its original vape pod power source. This 550mAh battery is bulkier than what you might be used to, but it will also last considerably longer.

4. STIIIZY extracts, flowers, and edibles

In addition to vape pods and batteries, STIIIZY also offers a wide array of high-end cannabis extracts including:

  • STIIIZY Curated Live Resin

  • STIIIZY Live Rosin Badder

  • STIIIZY Live Rosin Jam

  • STIIIZY Live Resin Diamonds

Beyond this line of dabbable extracts, STIIIZY has also branched out into flower, pre-rolls, and edibles. STIIIZY’s flower is indoor-grown and surprisingly high-quality for a vape brand. Right now, the only edibles STIIIZY offers are gummies, but expect to see more STIIIZY edibles appear as this impressive California cannabis brand continues to grow.

Where to buy STIIIZY pods near me

As one of the state’s most popular vape brands, STIIIZY pods are available at most dispensaries throughout California. A full list of retail outlets can be viewed at the Buy STIIIZY Products Online from website, and keep in mind that STIIIZY operates quite a few of its own dispensaries. STIIIZY products are usually available through cannabis delivery services like Eaze and Amuse. You can also arrange store pickup at STIIIZY’s DTLA and Jurupa Valley locations.

Where to buy a STIIIZY battery near me

STIIIZY batteries are usually available anywhere other STIIIZY products are sold. Unlike STIIIZY products that contain THC, though, STIIIZY batteries are also sold online since they don’t contain any cannabis. You can buy STIIIZY batteries directly from this cannabis brand’s website or via a variety of other online retailers.

What is the best STIIIZY store?

In our opinion, STIIIZY’s DTLA (downtown LA) store is the brand’s biggest and most beautiful retail location. Fully stocked with products from STIIIZY and many other popular California brands, the STIIIZY DTLA store is modern, beautiful, and staffed by knowledgeable and friendly budtenders.Buy STIIIZY Products Online

Is STIIIZY delivery available?

Yes, STIIIZY products are often available via delivery. Popular cannabis delivery services like Amuse and Eaze regularly stock STIIIZY products since this brand is so popular in California, and individual dispensaries that offer delivery services usually have at least a few STIIIZY products in their catalog as well.

The Advantages of STIIIZY

STIIIZY offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive option for cannabis consumers. The most significant advantage is the convenience and discretion that STIIIZY provides. The portable nature of the device makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the discreet design ensures that you can enjoy your cannabis products without drawing unnecessary attention.Buy STIIIZY Products Online

STIIIZY is also an incredibly safe and efficient product. The device utilizes advanced technology to ensure a consistent and accurate dosage every time. This eliminates the potential for overconsumption and ensures that users are getting the most out of their cannabis experience. STIIIZY also eliminates the risk of combustion and is free from the toxic compounds that are often found in traditional smoking methods.

In addition, STIIIZY is incredibly easy to use. The device is designed with a simple one-button operation, making it accessible to users of all experience levels. The device also features a long-lasting battery, so you can enjoy your cannabis products without worrying about running out of power.

What is unique about STIIIZY?

It’s hard to say something s unique in today’s competitive cannabis landscape. We at BestDosage prefer to categorize the quality of each product, our ranking is pretty simple from 5 to 1 star. STIIIZY vapes get 5 stars, and STIIIZY edibles and flowers get 4 stars. The vape pods get 5 stars for their strong effects, great flavors, discretion, and number of puffs per cart. Our scoring method for vaping is precise and micro. We look at every detail. STIIIZY is one of the most unique vape brands today. The edibles and flowers leave a bit to be desired. If you want to try STIIIZY, go with a vape.

Why are STIIIZY Pods so expensive?

STIIIZY pods tend to cost around $30 for a 0.5g disposable and $60 for a 1g disposable. The non-disposable carts cost around $5 for 0.5g and $60 for 1g. The pods are on the high end of the market, but worth it. The 0.5g disposable and cart get around 60 puffs and the 1g gets around 100 puffs. Pretty good value per draw. Consistency is also key for STIIIZY. They have a ton of pods strains, but you’ll find that if you test 10, 9 will be great and one will be good. Pretty good stats. When you throw in a strong brand name and high-quality lab results the price makes sense.Buy STIIIZY Products Online

What are the best STIIIZY pod flavors?

The 420 Weed Delivery team has tested 20 different STIIIZY pods and our favorites are King Louis XIII, Granddaddy Purp and SFV OG.

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