Buy Bulk Halara Live Diamond Sauce 1G Cartridge

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Buy Halara Live Diamond Sauce 1G Cartridge

Live Diamond Sauce Fully ceramic cartridge which is mainly For the connoisseur in each of you. Each cartridge starts with fresh cannabis and extracted at sub zero temperatures to preserve flavor. We carefully blend the diamonds back in to retain that full terpene spectrum you get from each and every Halara product. Halara’s Live Diamond Sauce Cartridges are made in small, limited-run batches and the Products sell out quickly! Always check with our local dispensary for their current available Halara products.

Halara Live Diamond Sauce Carts

diamond Sauce this time to reflect the exotic theme of the strain, the Halara Essentials box our Diamond Sauce vape came in was very aesthetically pleasing and did its job quite effectively. The vape inside is in the shape of a long stick or bar and features both an inhalation-activated LED light and a silicone-capped recharging port on the bottom. You can see the amount of concentrate left in your vape through a window at the top.Halara Live Diamond Sauce 1G Cartridge

  • The box is composed of orange soft cardboard
  • It’s taped at the top, and the cartridge is contained in a ziploc bag inside
  • The packaging is nice
  • All the information is legible and well-printed
  • It’s not that safe for kids, though
  • They could probably get into it easily
  • There is a QR code on the back you can use to verify your product
  • The vape is a sleek long rectangle that’s mint-green to match the box
  • It has 2 plastic windows you can use to see how much oil you have left
  • It also has a charging port on the bottom
  • Other halara products offer better and longer-lasting effects


  • Blissful
  • Relaxed
  • Hang with friends


  • Cannabinoid content: Total THC: 85%+ Total CBD: 0.159% Total Terpenes: 2.973% Total Cannabinoids: 88.913%
  • Head high: 4/5
  • Body high: 1/5

Activation & Duration

It took about 20 minutes to feel the effects of this strain. Even then, the effects were very light and petered off a further 20 minutes later.

  • Activation time: 20 minutes
  • Effects lasted for: 20-30 minutes
  • Negative effects: None


The packaging Sauce Bars come in is excellent, and the Bars themselves work well and are rechargeable. We really like the design of these vapes.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma

There’s a sugary-sweet apple aroma when you remove your Apple Fritter from its packaging.

This vape definitely tastes like an apple fritter, indicating that it contains a higher-than-normal concentration of live resin terpenes. The aftertaste is minimal.

  • Terpene profile: Apple pie, cinnamon, sweet, light
  • Flavor: 5/5

Best Dosage

We gave this vape a fair shot by taking 10-15 pulls over the course of a couple of days. If you take 3-4 puffs of this weak strain at a time, it might deliver the effects you’re looking for.


25 Diamond Sauce Carts, 50 Diamond Sauce Carts, 100 Diamond Sauce Carts, 200 Diamond Sauce Carts


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