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Derb and Terpys Bubblegum Kush is mostly an Indica strain with thoroughly relaxing effects and a
tangy avor pro le. Created in the Netherlands by Bulldog Seeds, this hybrid is a cross between the
fruity Bubble Gum and none other than OG Kush. With a high that leans toward the relaxing end of the
spectrum, this is de nitely a strain better suited to kicking back than to being out and about.
Bubblegum Kush’s THC content has been measured at between 14% and 23%.
Bubble Gum Kush
Derb and Terpys Bubblegum Kush has impressive buds that are medium-sized and hold a spindle-like
shape, bulging in the middle but tapered at both ends. These buds are unmistakably India, with a
densely packed structure in which the leaves curl tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves
themselves are a dark yellowish-green and are twisted through with brown and orange pistils. Finally
like bubblegum itself, Bubblegum Kush is very stick due to its thick coating of translucent white
trichomes. This high resin content makes the bud very dif cult to break up by hand.

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