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Derb and Terpys honey Banana is An 80% Indica by DNA Genetics, Honey Boo Boo is a limited edition strain that crosses a Bubba
Kush mother with a Captain Krypt OG male. With a sweet avor that in part lends this strain her name,
Honey Boo Boo deals a heavy-handed blast of euphoria that melts throughout the body. Her dense
buds nish owering after 8 to 9 weeks, and her maturation is often marked by darkened purple leaf

Buy Derb and Terpys honey Banana

Counterfeit Warning:

Counterfeits DO Exist!!!

If your Derb & Terpys product does not have a QR code sticker that links to ” ” when scanning, YOUR PRODUCT IS NOT AUTHENTIC!

Every authentic Derb and Terpys product has a code. If it doesn’t, it’s FAKE! No exception.

When in doubt, enter the code found on the sticker DIRECTLY  to verify.


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