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Looking to buy Devil’s Lettuce strain? This potent, sativa-dominant hybrid has an average THC percentage of 18%, with some batches reaching as high as 22%. While powerful, this strain also has 2% CBD content and several potential medical benefits. With its supreme potency and wide-reaching effects, Devils Lettuce is sure to fit your needs!

Devil’s Lettuce Strain, originally from Spain, has a unique spicy-sweet taste that may be just the thing to treat various forms of pain and chronic conditions. Whether you believe in miracles or medicine, the Devil’s Lettuce strain is your answer for relief from bodily aches and pains. Don’t be scared of this Godless remedy—the Devil is here to keep you healthy and happy! Get some Devil’s Lettuce strain today, and make a friend of the Devil instead!

Devil’s Lettuce Strain Review.

Regardless of the caliber of the weed that’s inside, Devil’s Lettuce strain packaging always looks the same. The packs this brand uses for its 7g quarters are a little bit bigger, but these larger jars still look a lot like what Devil’s Lettuce strain uses to house its Kush Mints eighths — black, rounded safety lids on top of sturdy glass jars with attractive silver labeling. The weed inside our Kush Mints jar ground up nicely and burned well even if it took a while to kick in.

  • Standard Devil’s Lettuce strain packaging
  • Black font on the pack, black font on the silver detailing
  • Easy to read and transport.
  • Small-to-medium sized nugs
  • Medium-to-heavy density
  • Green and white are the main colors
  • Hues of orange and purple scattered throughout the bud.
  • Sticky to the touch
  • Grinds nicely, burns slowly
  • Rough in texture and covered in trichomes

Effects Devil’s Lettuce Weed

Devils Lettuce strain effects are surprisingly more happiness and euphoria than fire and brimstone, leaving the body relaxed and at ease, while still enjoying a productive and insightful head-high.

  • happiness
  • euphoria
  • Joy

Strength Devil’s Weed strain

  • Cannabinoid content: 1.36% CBD and 28.8% THC
  • Head high: 3/5
  • Body high: 4/5

Price Devil’s Lettuce Strain

Buy Devil’s Lettuce Strain which is pretty reasonably priced for what it is. Indoor weed simply costs more to cultivate, and the results are also considerably better than even the best outdoor buds.

  • Price: $310
  • Value: 4/5

Activation & Duration

Slow out of the starting gate, Devil’s Lettuce nonetheless makes up for it with long-lasting effects that are perfect for getting to party at night.

  • Activation time: 15 minutes
  • Effects lasted for: 2 hours
  • Negative effects: None


Devil’s Lettuce’s packaging is excellent, and this strain is easy to grind and roll into a joint. We can’t think of anything inconvenient about our Devil’s Lettuce Kush nugs.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma of Devil’s Weed strain

Upon opening our jar of Devil’s Lettuce, we first noticed a light herbal aroma with hints of citrus and mint creating a balanced blend of sweet fruity elements, sour citrus, and pungent cheese. These light herbal notes carried on into the strain’s flavor when smoked with the mintiness increasing significantly. The aftertaste of Devil’s Lettuce is lighty sweet and not at all unpleasant.Buy Devil’s Lettuce Strain

  • Terpene profile: Mint and Herbal
  • Flavor: 5/5

Best Dosage

We split this jar into five evenly sized joints, smoking one each night before bed for five nights. This is an excellent way to experience the relaxing effects of Kush Mints in their absolute fullness.

Target Audience

If you need a strain to help you fall asleep at night, Kush Mints is the FloraCal cultivar for you. It may not be this brand’s overall best strain, but it definitely serves at least one particular purpose very well. With indica effects that will leave you sleepy, save the uber-relaxing effects of Kush Mints for bedtime use.

Devil’s Lettuce FAQ

1. Is Devil’s Lettuce Weed strain indica or sativa?

Devil’s Lettuce strain is a strongly indica-leaning strain with powerful sedative properties. While it’s ideal weed to smoke before bed, it’s a bad choice for daytime use.

2. Is Devil’s Weed strain strong?

At 28.8% THC, our jar of Devil’s Lettuce strain Kush was definitely strong in the THC potency department. This strain took a while to kick in, however.

3. Where can I Buy Devil’s Lettuce strain?

You can buy Devil’s Lettuce strain at this 420Weed Delivery in California and Illinois. It’s also often possible to find FloraCal products on weed delivery sites like Amuse and WeedMaps.





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