Buy DIME 510 Thread Battery

$ 30.00

Buy DIME 510 Thread Battery

Buy DIME 510 Thread Battery

THE 3RD GENERATION DIME 510 thread 650mAh battery.

The Dime 510 thread 650mAh battery features an industry-leading battery technology that provides enough power to last all day, all week, or even all month for light users. Engineered to work in perfect unison with Dime 1000mg tanks.

This battery is the ONLY battery we recommend.

*Travel Case included

Battery life is indicated on a device by a color change in the battery light ring.

Green light: 70-100%

Blue light: 30-70%

Red light: 30% and less

Buy DIME 510 Thread Battery

We recommend that once the light turns blue to get it to a charger.  Although the cart will still have plenty of hits left, constantly hitting the same tank on a low battery can cause leaking and clogging issues.Buy DMT Online


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