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Dutch Treat is a unique cross between Northern Lights and Haze, two phenomenal strains whose reputations precede them.

Haze, also called Oringal Haze or Haze OG, is the parent of some of the best strains ever created. It is a Sativa hybrid with low THC levels and a spicy taste. Haze has parented popular strains like Blue Dream and Jack Herer.

Northern Lights is many stoners’ favorite strain. It’s an Indica hybrid with a woody pine flavor profile and a mild sleepy high. When crossed, the Northern Lights Indica effects won, creating the Indica-heavy strain Dutch Treat.

The Sativa and Indica makeup varies, but most batches are 80% Indica and only 20% Sativa, so the calm and sleepy effects are more potent.

The CBD and CBG levels are standard, staying around 1%. The THC levels are also moderate, ranging from 18% to 25%. But most batches are estimated to have about 21% THC content. What sets this strain apart from others is the 3.3% THCv composition.

THCv is a chemical cannabinoid present in marijuana. This compound is typically only responsible for less than 1% of the THC percentage. But Dutch Treat has a whopping 3.3% THCv, resulting in stronger psychoactive effects that energize you. This rare cannabinoid composition makes Dutch Treat highly sought after and intriguing.

The dominant terpene in Dutch Treat is terpinolene (fruity), followed by myrcene (herbal) and ocimene (mint). Dutch Treat has an unusual terpene profile, creating a unique and rare flavor profile, which you can read more about in the section below.

Dutch Treat Strain for Sale Online

Dutch Treat doesn’t have a straightforward aroma or flavor. So stoners often describe the taste and smell differently. The layers of scent and taste are complex and change as you smoke the strain, making for an interesting and distinct experience.

Most people agree that the most prominent aroma in this strain is pine. It has a refreshing and woody scent reminiscent of pine trees or a wintery forest. Mixed in with this earthy scent are hints of mint, which add an invigorating effect, even when just sniffing the weed.

People describe the scent as more sweet than dank, so it doesn’t have sour or diesel notes that can be pungent and harsh. Instead, the woody scent is paired with hints of fruit and berries.

The initial smell is piney, woody, and sweet, but as you continue to sniff the strain, the aroma mellows into a soft herbal scent with subtle notes of blueberry.

The berry and fruity notes can be hard to detect until you smoke the strain. The overwhelming taste starts with blueberry, which is prominent and easy to identify.

Following the initial sweet and juicy flavor comes a more complex taste that combines spice and pepper with sweet citrus notes. While the smell of Dutch Treat is smooth and rich, the taste on your tongue is more sour and sharp.

Dutch Treat nugs have a generic appearance. The nugs are tight, small, and round, so don’t expect fat nugs when you purchase Dutch Treat. They have dark orange strands that cover small pale green leaves. It doesn’t have many unique visual characteristics and looks standard.

What Are the Dutch Treat Strain’s Effects and Usage?

Thanks to the rare and special THCv present in Dutch Treat, this Indica-leaning hybrid has some unexpected effects. Instead of locking you to the couch, it gives you an energetic and uplifted feeling. People feel more creative and talkative after smoking Dutch Treat.

It provides a euphoric and relaxed feeling without making your mind go blank. So people often feel inspired and enthusiastic when they use Dutch Treat.Buy Dutch Treat Strain Online

Most people feel energized and upbeat, but the strain makes some people sleepy. It is usually when people smoke lots of Dutch Treat that they begin to feel tired and lazy. But one or two hits will give you lively and artistic energy.

While most people experience a happy and fun high, not everyone has a pleasant experience with Dutch Treat. People often experience dry mouth, thirst, and dry eyes. But it can also make people dizzy or paranoid if they have too much.

The smoke is softer and smoother than many other strains, so it’s less likely to make you cough or make your lungs feel tight and heavy.

The negative side effects are very mild and uncommon, so if you have experience with marijuana, you shouldn’t feel the adverse symptoms aside from dry mouth and eyes.

The lack of poor effects makes it an excellent medicinal option for people with a variety of conditions. It’s used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression but can also relieve symptoms of insomnia, migraines, PMS, PTSD, and neuropathy. People may also smoke Dutch Treat to increase appetite, aid in sleep, or manage chronic pain.

How to Grow Dutch Treat

Growing Dutch Treat is moderately difficult, so it’s not the best strain for beginner flowers to try until they’re more confident. The Dutch Treat plants require high-quality soil and a reasonably stable environment.

However, Dutch Treat is super resistant to bugs and diseases. So once you set it up in the proper environment, it is a low-maintenance plant.

The strain has a relatively short flowering time, as the flowering period begins around 56 days and ends around 63 days. The buds are typically ready to harvest around day 69. This timeline falls in the middle of the spectrum, as some strains take 50 days while others take 90 days to be harvestable.

They can grow as high as seven feet but usually stop growing at around five feet tall. The plant does well both indoors and outdoors, producing generous yields. Indoor plants typically yield 10 to 15 ounces per plant, and outdoor plants offer about the same weight.

Most cultivators you buy feminized Dutch Treat seeds from will recommend growing them indoors because it usually results in more successful harvests. Many cultivators and seed companies offer Dutch Treat seeds and clones, so they are not difficult to find.

If you decide to grow Dutch Treat, take your time choosing the best fertilizer you can find, as this increases your chances of getting a higher yield and more potent buds. Again, this strain is not ideal for brand-new growers. But if you’ve successfully grown two or three strains, you can give this one a go!

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Dutch Treat Strain seeds, here is a great place to try:

  • Dutch Treat Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • CB Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds

Where to Buy the Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat isn’t a super popular or widely available strain. Even in the top cannabis cities in the US, like Denver, DC, Boston, and NYC, it’s difficult to find. The easiest place to find Dutch Treat is in California. If you don’t live there, it may be a while before you find Dutch Treat.Buy Dutch Treat Strain Online with bitcoin

Frequently check your favorite weed delivery apps and ask about the strain at your local dispensaries. But to be frank, the odds are not in your favor.

If you manage to find this strain, expect to pay a pretty penny. Dispensaries and delivery services will charge upwards of $60 for an eighth and over $200 for an ounce.

Sometimes, you can find Dutch Treat in vape cartridges, edibles, and wax form. But these options are just as hard to find as Dutch Treat flower. However, finding feminized Dutch Treat seeds is easy, so consider growing your own Dutch Treat plant!

Luckily, Northern Lights is one of the most popular and iconic strains ever bred, so if you can’t find Dutch Treat, you can find its famous parent.

dutch treat bud

Wrap Up

Dutch Treat is an invigorating strain perfect for an imaginative night alone or a relaxing evening with friends. Despite its Indica parents and composition, it can spark creativity and help you feel energized.




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