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Buy Glazed x Lazy Ape Disposable

Buy Glazed x Lazy Ape Disposable: They were a lot of top disposables that were released in 2022, such as the Jeeter carts at the beginning of the year. The Fryd extracts, Lazy ape vapes and even our own glazed disposables. What truly makes glazed unique and different from the rest is the strength of our carts. Our disposables have a fun and playful look, with playful names given to the different flavors. However, that is where the joke ends, because glazed disposables are some of the hardest hitting disposables you will currently find in the market. These carts will have you and your friends knocked out on the couch trying to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Glazed x Lazy Ape Flavors

During this Halloween collection from glazed and lazy apes, ten amazing flavors were released. They include:

  • Blueberry Slime
  • Vampire’s Cake
  • Gummi Skull
  • Vanilla Scream
  • Mad Mango
  • Booberry
  • Evil Banana
  • Magic Potion
  • Bloody Strawberry
  • Ghost Punch

Out of these ten flavors, We have 4 Indica dominant, 4 hybrid dominant and 2 sativa dominant disposables. This is to ensure that there is a flavor for every individual.

Glazed x Lazy Ape Disposable

Glazed x lazy ape disposable is a new disposable that was created during a collaboration between the Glazed and lazy ape brands. These are two top brands with similar ideology, so when the decided to come together to work on a Halloween collection we were expecting big things. These disposables certainly didn’t disappoint and are now among the most in demand carts of December 2022.


Ghost punch (s), Bloody strawberry (s), Magic Potion (H), Evil Banana (H), Booberry (I), Mad mango (I), Vanilla Scream(H), Gummie Skull (H), Vampire's Cake (I), Blueberry Slime (I)


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