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Buy Moxie Premium THC Cartridges

Moxie was founded in 2015 with the idea of providing the highest quality medicine to cannabis patients by using the most responsible cultivation and extraction techniques possible. After being immersed in the industry and seeing other marijuana brands’ standards, Moxie’s founders knew they could produce and provide higher quality medicinal cannabis concentrates by building state-of-the-art facilities, using innovative technology, and adopting an ideology that places

Today, Moxie works closely with the cannabis community. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being a global citizen and representative of the marijuana industry by practicing all organic gardening on a larger, commercial scale using green tech, buying American-made products, always striving to reduce water waste, and participating in community outreach.

Moxie Premium Live Resin THC Cartridges

As the 1st licensed cannabis brand in California, we are determined industry pioneers who consistently look to produce cannabis that is clean, socially conscious, and masterfully and quality above profit. We hire chemists, engineers and extremely experienced staff that understands the science behind marijuana cultivation and cannabis extraction.

We recognize the duty we have to protect the land that provides us the cannabis that we’ve been able to share. That’s why, at Moxie, we take sustainability seriously. We believe that there is a world where we exist as a carbon-negative cannabis company and we strive every day to reach that goal.

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At Moxie, we will never waver on safety, quality, or consistency. None of our products will hit the market until they’ve been fully tested and founder approved. We constantly strive for the perfection & look to new horizons for inspiration. MOXIE offers a line of premium indoor cannabis products. Moxie is known for its state of the art manufacturing capabilities and holds itself to the highest standard.

  • Overhauled our packaging line to include grass paper labels, FCS Paper, Plastic reduction, and Chlorine Free dyes.
  • Utilize LED lighting to maximize efficiency amongst our indoor grows.
  • Working with waste management companies to offset production waste and convert to energy.

Packaging for Moxie Carts

This cart comes in a standard cardboard box that’s reasonably uninspired aside from the eclectic cow print covering every surface that doesn’t have a sticker. The distillate inside the cart is pretty clear but somewhat amber — at least it isn’t brown. We liked the energizing effects of Mimosa and overall have little to complain about regarding this Moxie vape.

  • Small cardboard box
  • Black, white, yellow, and red packaging
  • Easy-to-read font
  • Easy-to-open box with light childproofing
  • The vape cart is inside a plastic tube housed within the cardboard box
  • The design is great for transporting a 510 cart
  • The cannabis oil is a pinkish-orange color
  • Standard 510 cart with large mouthpiece for easy inhalation
  • Plastic tank, plastic mouthpiece
  • Smooth on all sides

Buy Moxie Premium THC Cartridges


10 count carts, 25 Carts, 50 carts, 100 Carts


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