Buy Mychron Hash Infused Prerolls

Buy Mychron Hash Infused Prerolls

Processed through cold water and ice, this rich, solventless concentrate pops with flavor and packs a punch with a full spectrum high. Filtered through 45-160µ screens, our bubble hash is prime for sprinkling in a joint, topping off a bowl of your favorite flower, or slow roasting in a hash pipe.

Mychron extracts is a cannabis lifestyle brand based in Oakland, California. We use an ethanol based extraction process to produce rich golden multi spectrum oil, flavored with botanical terpenes, and delivered with Jupiter – CCELL vape cartridge hardware and custom batteries. If there’s one thing Mychron strives to be, it’s multifaceted. By no means are we just a cannabis company; we aim to bring value to our community in a variety of ways.


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