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Pirates Truffle is a delectable strain from the team at Trufflez TM. Featuring dark olive green buds with dark amber undertones, cloaked in bright orange hairs and remnants of vibrant amber trichomes, this bud emits aromas of earthy nuttiness, sweet fruits and caramelly coffee. When consumed, users will initially experience an uplifting happy effect followed by an increased sense of euphoria that slowly morphs into a draw-you-in sedative couchlock.

They had a pleasantly light earthy flavor and burned slowly. Overall, this is a strain we’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for some high-grade flower to fill a joint or bong bowl.

 Pirates Truffle Strain Review

Unlike other strains, the effects of Pirates Truffle take effect quickly once exhaled; it starts off with an uplifting surge wave of happiness that slowly fades into an unfocused yet sleepy state accompanied by a couch-lock that is extremely sedative in nature.

This strain comes in the standard packaging Farmer and the Felon uses for its eighths: An eye-popping orange plastic bag emblazoned with stenciled-on black text reminiscent of old-school prison uniforms. These buds are dark-green and dense, and they feature plenty of crystals to go around.

Overall, Pirates Truffle is a solid strain that delivers a very pleasant high. With effects similar to Iced Lemonaid, this might be one of our favorite Trufflez strains.

  • Small plastic bag
  • Roughly 4in x 2in
  • Easy to fit in most pockets
  • Orange-and-black aesthetics
  • Labeling is easy to read
  • Safety seal is both effective and convenient
  • Buds are dark-green color
  • Rounded shape with a point
  • Some dark orange hairs
  • Visible crystals, little to no stems
  • The buds are dense and not that sticky
  • Crystals rub off when you handle the buds

Effects of Pirates Truffle

  • Ease my mind
  • Hang with friends
  • Relief
  • Blissful

Strength of Pirates Truffle Weed

  • Cannabinoid content: 30% THC, Under 1% CBD
  • Head high: 4/5
  • Body high: 2/5

Pirates Truffle Prices and Package

These nugs are a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it if you fall in love with the effects like we did.When you purchase a pack of the Pirates Truffle strain, it comes in its original packaging, just as shown on our website. There’s no need to pay extra for the bag! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some Pirates Truffle Sativa or Indica today and enjoy the amazing effects it has to offer! Whether you’re looking for a Pirates Truffle strain review, or you want to buy Pirates Truffle strain in Europe, you can be sure that we have what you need.Buy Pirates Truffle Strain uk

  • Price: $260
  • Value: 4/5

Activation & Duration

This potent strain kicked in instantly, but its effects lasted considerably less than the standard hour-long duration.

  • Activation time: Immediate
  • Effects lasted for: Around 40 minutes from one joint
  • Negative effects: None


There’s nothing to complain about regarding Farmer and the Felon’s packaging — except, perhaps, the lack of a viewing window in the bag. Overall, though, this product does what it’s supposed to: Deliver weed into your hands and keep it safe when stowed.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Buy Pirates Truffle Strain Flavor & Aroma

Opening our bag of Trufflez Pirates Truffle Buds, we noticed a light earthy aroma with subtle hints of floral and herbal scents. Taking a hit of the joint we rolled, there was very little aftertaste even though the strain’s earthy flavor was definitely noticeable while smoking.

  • Terpene profile: Sweet, Earthy, Floral
  • Flavor: 5/5

To test this strain, we ground up around 0.75g into a joint and smoked the entire joint in one session. We’d say this is an ideal dosage for giving this strain a shot.

Target Audience

Originally bred by cannabis giant Cookies, Pirates Truffle is an indica-leaning hybrid that will make you feel relaxed without delivering overwhelmingly soporific effects. We found Farmer and the Felon’s take on Pirates Truffle to be excellent, making this strain a great choice for new and experienced indica lovers alike.

Trufflez Pirates Truffle Strain FAQ

1. Is Truffle Pirates indica or sativa?

Pirates Truffle is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid. As a result, it won’t deliver the couch-locking effects of a true indica, but it also won’t make you feel peppy like a sativa would.

2. What strains make Pirates Truffle when combined?

Pirates Truffle Weed is derived from Kush Mints and Gelatti, both of which already have quite complicated genetics. This strain was named for its vanilla flavor and sticky texture.

3. Where can I Buy Trufflez Pirates Weed Truffle?

For a full list of retailers that offer Trufflez products, visit the brand’s store locator. You can also buy Pirates Truffle for delivery via popular cannabis delivery platforms like Eaze and WeedMaps.





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