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Buy Potter Cannabis Vape Carts

Before there was Potters Cannabis Co., Casey Potter oversaw the nursing home, Synergy Homecare of San Diego. During his time there he witnessed the struggle for holistic pain management. He had friends in the cannabis industry, and it seemed medical marijuana created a tremendous opportunity for all-natural relief. At the time, cannabis vapes were just budding.
Together, Jacob Bell and Casey Potter developed Potters Cannabis Co. a brand that provides premium cannabis-derived products with heart. Potters Cannabis Co. launched in January 2017 and has served the cannabis community and beyond since.

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Quality begins on the farm, and Potters Cannabis Co. knows this full well. They start with the finest cannabis flowers with stable genetics, cultivated by master growers with years of experience. Processing carries out the same level of quality control and care as the farm. With ethanol extraction (a safer and cleaner extraction than butane and propane) Potters Cannabis Co. combines Live Resin cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The extraction artists never use harmful cutting agents, and there is no MCT or coconut oil in their vapes. Post extraction the cannabis oil is formulated with natural terpenes and encased in a C-Cell cartridge with a ceramic coil to create an authentic cannabis experience. Screw it on to any 510 thread battery, although we recommend pairing it with a Potters battery for best results.


From terpenes to distillate, we ensure that every compound is 100% natural. We have always been, and will continue to be, pesticide free, solvent free and microbial free


A robust profile of over 50 organic terpenes to replicate the natural flower experience. The effects of cannabis are magnified by all of the compounds (cannabinoids + terpenes) working together.. also known as the Entourage Effect.
LAB TESTED to Buy Potter Cannabis Vape Carts
Potters Cannabis Co. is pleased to offer lab tested cannabis products provided by Los Angeles Nascient LLC
Our facility proudly staffs multiple organic chemists that oversee every step of the process from extraction to formulation. Potters practices industry leading manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality of products.

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