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White Gummy Bears by Elemental Seeds is a gooey hybrid with sweetness and potency. By combining Trueberry (True OG crossed with a Strawberry Banana x Blackberry hybrid) with the citrus sovereign Big Lemon. This strain achieves a unique array of colored leaves and outstanding resin production. The flavor has been described as “berries soaked in lemonade,” and the strain acts as a mid-level hybrid that doesn’t tug too hard toward sedation. This strain has a quick 60-day grow cycle and produces a healthy yield with proper attention. Enjoy Gummy Bears any time of the day for manageable relaxation and an airy, carefree mental state.

White gummi bear strain – buy rappers white gummies bear weed strain

When taking a gander of White Gummies, the buds are a hearty, luscious deep green packed with golden hairs. The aroma of gummies is also extraordinary.  Gummies give off an overwhelming lemon and herbal scent. This is thanks to the Limonene and Pinene terpenes found within it.

white gummy bear strain – Gumy Bear Weed Strain – white gummyi best flavor – Buy rappers 1st choice White Gummy Weed flavor

White Gummy is a cross between Jillybean and Bubblegum. This amazing hybrid has an amazing brightness similar to sugary-sweet Trainwreck, but comes off tasting like a fresh off the vine Concord grape with a finish of fir trees and juicy strawberries. Nuggets look lightly green coloured and are covered in bright orange pistils.




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