Buy Smashed Mini Doobie Prerolls (600mg – 3 options)

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buy smashed mini doobie prerolls


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buy Smashed Mini Doobie Prerolls are perfect for on the go! Each Mini Doobie contains 0.6 grams of a premium blend of organic grown cannabis. Smashed Co organically grow their cannabis and only uses pesticide-free flower!

    • Indica Mini Doobie – Wifi OG
    • Hybrid Mini Doobie – White Gold
    • Sativa Mini Doobie – Lemon Haze
  • Additional information

    Vendor Smashed
    Size 600mg per preroll

(HYB) White Gold(25%THC), (IND) Wifi OG(21%THC), (SAT) Lemon Haze(18%THC)

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