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Truffle Pie Strain is named for its almost overpowering double Pie Og flavor. A cross of Skunk, (a classic strain) and California Orange (one among thousands of modern mutants) this strain’s flavor is both nostalgic and distinct.

If you are a fan of sativas that absolutely reek of oranges, limes, and everything citrus, this sweet-smelling and even sweeter-tasting strain will leave you having a conniption fit. Just remember that Burnwell’s take on Tangie doesn’t really do the phenotype justice.

Try breaking off a top cola of a huge Tangie plant, freeze-curing it, and vaporizing it raw for the ultimate connoisseur experience.

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After lengthy consideration and incorporation of Best staff opinions, I decided to only dock the Burnwell Tangie Flower 1g a point on convenience. While I discovered that the texture and cure job of this gram weren’t the best, my final score ultimately pivoted around the strength of this gram’s price.

At $290 per oz, you really can’t complain too much about buds being slightly dry or poorly cured. My Trufflez Pie Strain nugs were definitely crystally and delicious even if their smoke was a little bit harsh.

  • Beautiful, extremely light-green buds
  • Sort of teal-colored underneath
  • Nice tangerine aroma
  • Cure could have been slightly better
  • Still some off-gassing when I open the jar
  • Slightly crumbly, dry nugs
  • 1g container nugs are usually pitifully tiny
  • Yes, my Tangie nugs were as small as pictured

Convenience Truffle Pie Weed Review

This gram was from one of my last trips to Cannabis & Glass. Knowing that buds stay good for at least a few months when properly stored, I saved these nugs for a rainy day when I felt like breaking out my Volcano Classic Vaporizer.

To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of flower. It’s beautiful and aromatic, but it’s a pain to work with. Vapes that automatically ignite deliver cannabinoids with nothing more than a lip-grasp and inhalation.

Flower, though, you have to grind, load, clear, et cetera. So, the lazy cannabis aficionado that I am, I usually steer clear of flower unless I’m feeling particularly feisty.

Nope, the convenience of vaping my Burnwell Tangie gram wasn’t improved just because the nugs were tiny. I will say, however, that the slight dryness of the buds made them easy to grind. They didn’t stick to the blades of the grinder.

Activation Time

Smoking Burnwell Tangie is like an orange-flavored cherry bomb exploding inside your head. The rough texture of the dry smoke perfectly fits this pyrotechnic metaphor.

By this I mean that my Burnwell Tangie Flower kicked in during the expected timeframe. While I might have some minor qualms about the finer points of this organic, indoor-grown cannabis gram, there’s nothing I can complain about when it comes to activation time.

Effects & Duration

I’m a sucker for a good, fruity sativa. Even if it isn’t the tastiest or best-textured grow, I’m willing to be a little more lenient where the terpenes terpinolene, limonene, and bisabolol are concerned.

So, I won’t knock a point from the effects of my Tangie gram from Burnwell. I might just say that Burnwell would do well to thoroughly examine its production processes to ensure they meet the standards laid down by major metropolitan producers.

Prices of Truffle Pie Strain

Around $290 per oz is what I’m used to paying for black-market weed. It just seems natural to shed a ten-dollar-bill in exchange for a gram of flower.

I almost wish I’d paid a little bit more, however. With slightly higher margins, Burnwell might be incentivized to shell out for adequate labeling paper, more distinctive jars, and other hallmarks of self-actualized cannabis brands.

Best Dosage

I vaped my Truffle Pie buds Flower in a Volcano Classic Vape. I ended up liking this strain enough to vape the entire gram — I split it into three bowls.

I’d say the dosage I used would work for pretty much anyone. For smaller bowls, break your Tangie gram into five sections.

About the Product

Truffle Pie Strain is my favorite underdog in the California cannabis market. Instead of being based in Sandiego (or at least Bellingham or Olympia), Trufflez is way out in the rural areas surrounding Los Angeles.

What I’m trying to say is it’s impressive what Trufflez has accomplished. They’ve pioneered an entirely original cultivation method that checks all my pack boxes for quality control. There’s just something wrong in the mix.

Tangie is one of the best o

Trufflez’s strains. I think this cultivar might just be juicier than normal.

With a properly tightened ship, Burnwell could be the keystone of Eastern Washington’s connoisseur cannabis market. Let’s wait and see.

Target Audience

I’d posit that I’m the target audience for Truffle Pie Strain. Admittedly, I like vapes more than flower, but my love for sativas overrides everything else.

Still, for the quality Trufflez Weed has currently attained, these buds should be targeted at a slightly lower income bracket. If this is Eastern Washington’s definition of “connoisseur,” we’re in for a steep learning curve.Buy Truffle Pie Strain Online

Truffle Pie Strain Flower 1g FAQ

What else can we address about this promising-yet-disappointing sativa gram from Burnwell?

1. What is Truffle Pie Strain good for?

Truffle Pie users report that this strain is great for spacing out, creative activities, or exercising. It isn’t quite as loopy or zany as some sativas, but it’s also the furthest thing from a pureblooded indica imaginable. Like most THC strains, Tangie might be good for pain.

2. Which terpenes are in Truffle Pie Bud?

The dominant terpenes in Truffle Pie are alpha-bisabolol and beta-caryophyllene. Bisabolol is among the rarer terpenes while caryophyllene is found in reasonable quantities in almost every cannabis strain. Both bisabolol and caryophyllene have been researched for their potential benefits for pain.Buy Truffle Pie Strain Online

3. Is Truffle Pie Weed flower organic?

Truffle Pie doesn’t provide a lot of information about itself. From what we’ve gathered, however, the buds this Columbia Basin cannabis producer cultivates are organic.

They’re definitely indoor-grown — it has the pictures to prove it. This small producer’s cultivation facility has skylights that can be opened or closed, allowing natural light to supplement Burnwell’s artificial lighting.

If you’re on the hunt for organic cannabis flowers in Spokane as a California transplant or a connoisseur of any other color, Truffle Pie Strain is the closest thing you’ll get to Cali Kush quality.




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