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White Truffle is an exotic strain with a distinct fruit-dessert flavor. Its flower buds have a tight structure, reminiscent of its Indica lineage, and give off a unique aroma. White Truffle is available for purchase online, for those in the UK and Canada looking to enjoy this unique strain.

We recommend using a Mighty to enjoy the full flavor of the Truffle buds. Rich in earthy, salty flavors similar to a natural truffle, you should try vaping if you want to enjoy the full terpenes present. In the Mighty we consumed around 0.2g per session, equalling around 12 volumous draws. If you don’t like to vape, don’t worry, these buds easily grind up and roll up in a joint. Easy on your throat, we rolled thick joints of around 1g each.

White Trufflez Weed for Sale

If you’re looking to buy White Truffle Strain online, then you’ve come to the right place. White Truffle strain is a popular new strain from Trufflez Genetics that has quickly gained popularity thanks to its tantalizingly fruity and dessert-like aroma and taste. Its effects also tend to be pleasingly tingly for your taste-buds, letting you relax as much as you need in one go! Women also love this special strain, making it a great choice for all types of smokers. With the rise of legal marijuana being sold in various countries around Europe, now is the perfect time to purchase White Truffle strain and try it out for yourself! THC levels vary so make sure to read the product information before buying.Buy White Truffle Strain

White Trufflez Packaging

Simple black, standard mylar bag. Mylar bags are the plastic bags that most cannabis flower brands use. Ideal for keeping the buds fresh, potent, and flavorful. The black bag has a laminated look, with bright gold and white font. With a child safety seal on top and a sleek design, this bag is easy to travel with. Don’t worry it won’t open up, the safety seal keeps it tight. The only issue we have is the lack of information present on the external portion of the bag. The bag shows only the name, quantity, and government warning. No lab results, cannabinoid profile, or manufacturing date. For this reason, we are giving the packaging.

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  •  Energy
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Great after work

Strength of White Trufflez

  • 65% THC
  • 2.1% CBD
  • 3Total Cannabinoids

Price to Order White Trufflez in the USA

If you search on Google you can find the flowers in a number of California dispensaries for around from $240 for 28g. 420 Delivery also has a few dispensaries selling the buds for the same price of $40. These indoor-grown buds are reasonably priced. Buy White Truffle Strain

  • Price: $340/ OZ

Activation & Duration

The activation time is the same if you vape or smoke the flower. Around 3-5 minutes. The full duration of the high for an experienced smoker or vapor is lasting around 45 minutes, for novices, we found that the effects lasted for around 1.5 hours.

  • Activation time: 3-5 minutes after the first puff
  • Effects lasted for about 45 minutes for an experienced consumer, and 90 minutes for a novice cannabis user


When we rate convenience we look at activation time, packaging, and overall performance of buds when ground up and consumed. The lack of labeling on the package severely affects this product scoring, as we do not know the cannabinoid profile of what we are consuming. The saving grace here for Big Chief is the overall quality of the buds, which is high. We found the buds easy to grind up and consume, and easy on your throat when smoked or vaped, the bag itself has a nice safety seal keeping the buds intact when you are transporting the package between your house and wherever else you take your flowers.

  • Convenience: 4/5

Flavor & Aroma

The White Trufflez strain offers an Earthy, Herby, Dry, Salt, and Smoke flavoring. The rich flavors are first experienced when the mylar plastic bag is unzipped. The surprisingly potent strain offers a strong aroma and powerful flavor during your inhale and exhale. This strain is definitely bred for cannabis connoisseurs that love a strong terpene profile.

  • Flavor profile: Earthy, Herby, Dry, Salt, and Smoke
  • Flavor: 5/5




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