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 Buy Zooterz Disposable Online


Buy Zooterz Disposable Online from Organic Buds, made by the California cannabis producer Zooterz, which is renowned for its impressive variety of legendary strains in a slim and futuristic disposable vape Cart.
We tried the Strawberry Cough disposable vape from the Sauce Essentials line and were blown away by the quality of the head high and the flavor.
There is no mistaking the intoxicating effects of Sauce’s Strawberry Cough.  It hits you first in the eyes, followed by a wave of contentment and calm.

Zooterz Disposables Review

The Zooterz packaging appears to be fine, but even a quick inspection reveals some forensic clues that make the product seem Legit. Sticker for the strain is affixed nicely to the back of the box, and the vape is secured with the same kind of high quality plastic used for children’s toy packaging.

The vape itself is stylish, if not without a passing Star Wars Stormtrooper vibe. The trouble starts once you actually hit it.

  • The vape is housed in a small cardboard box
  • Easy to open and close
  • White box with easy-to-read labeling
  • The vape is very small
  • White plastic external shell
  • Easy for discreet transport
  • Brand name stamped at the base of the vape
  • The oil in the product is light-yellow and viscous
  • The vape pen shell is smooth

Zooterz Disposables Flavors for Sale

  • Blue Dream Disposables (S)
  • Tropicana Cookies Zooterz Disposables (S)
  • Zooterz Berry Gelato Disposables (H)
  • Grand Daddy Purp Zooterz Disposable (I)
  • Zooterz Grape Ape Disposables (I)

Effects Zooterz Bars

  • Joy
  • Strange feeling in the throat


  • Cannabinoid content: 440mg THC, Under 2mg CBD
  • Head high: 0/5
  • Body high: 0/5

Zooterz Cart Price

We wouldn’t be willing to pay anything for this vape. It belongs in the $20-$35 price range, and we’re not sure we’d buy it even at that price.

  • Price: $25
  • Value: 0/5

Activation & Duration

We felt the sativa effects of our Zooterz disposable vape pen immediately even if they came with massive throat pain. However, the high provided by this vape dissipated almost as soon as it arrived.

  • Activation time: Immediate
  • The effects lasted for 45 minutes
  • Negative effects: The vape caused a dreadful headache and was harsh on the throat.


This is some pretty amazing packaging honestly. It seems like Zooterz went with the artistic options available both for the external package and the vape pen itself. There’s excellent childproofing, the stickers were well placed, and the pen’s voltage could be set too high. Buy Zooterz Disposable Online

  • Packaging: 3.5/5

Flavor & Aroma Zooterz Disposable

There’s a light pineapple and citrus aroma when you exhale. The flavor of this distillate is sweet with berry notes. This pen hits pretty harshly, though.

  • Terpene profile: Strawberry, Citrus, Sweet
  • Flavor: 3/5

We took three deep inhales, counting from one to three before slowly exhaling. If you decide to try this product, you’ll need at least that much to get high.

Target Audience

We would not recommend the Zooterz Grape Ape Disposable Vape to anyone. This is clearly a Mid-quality product that was designed with the customer in mind. There are plenty of disposable sativa vapes you can buy for $30 too that won’t be so disappointing.

Zooterz Disposable Vape Pen FAQ


1. Is Zooterz a sativa or indica strain?

Zooterz has a sativa,  hybrid, Indica that once won the High Times Denver Cannabis Cup. A cross of Lemon OG and Strawberry Cough, this strain generally provides a powerful head high and a silly vibe.

2. Which terpenes are in Zooterz Bars Disposables?

Pure Zooterz THC Vape oil mainly contains the terpenes myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Some of these terpenes are widely known for their energizing effects.

3. What is the strains of Zooterz good for?

People generally use Strawberry Lemonade for pain or anxiety. This might also be a good strain to smoke before exercise.

 Buy Zooterz Disposable Online


Blue Dream Disposables (S), Tropicana Cookies Zooterz Disposables (S), Zooterz Berry Gelato Disposables (H), Grand Daddy Purp Zooterz Disposable (I), Zooterz Grape Ape Disposables (I)


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