Live Diamond Sauce Honeysuckle Tea 1G Cartridge

$ 35.00

Live Diamond Sauce Honeysuckle Tea 1G Cartridge

Flavor: Floral tea with honey, funky notes

Aroma: Green tea with honey

Feeling: Uplifting and Joyful


Halara Live Diamond Sauce cartridges use a ceramic core and precisely sized holes to produce the desired puff size.

These carts are an accurate representation of the flower that the oil came from. Great for connoisseurs who want the flavorful experience that flower can offer, in a convenient format. Like a dab in a cart!

Minimally processed, no additives, no distillation. Small batch, artisan products that let the flavor of the strain shine.

Flavors and strain availability for our Live Diamond Sauce line rotates based on seasonal availability and are quick to sell out!

Honeysuckle Tea, sativa

5.8% Terps

84% THC | 1.9% CBG | 0% CBD

Tea Leaf, Honey, Floral

Flavor: Tropical skunk candy front with berry and floral undertones.

Aroma:  Sweet and pungent aroma

Feeling:   Relaxing and relieving

Top Terpenes: beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Myrcene, delta-Limonene

Our cartridges are made with one ingredient: 100% strain-specific live resin

Live Diamond Sauce Honeysuckle Tea 1G Cartridge


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