Although this strain is 80% indica, it is reported to provide energetic, uplifting, and euphoric feelings. The aroma is described at sweet and earthy, and the watermelon flavor also has hints of berry/grape.

Product Flavor: Muha Meds Watermelon 1000mg

Weight: 1000 mg

Strain Type: Indica

Packaging: Ziplock bag

Material: Glass

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Now available online for purchase at Organic Buds Store.

4 reviews for Muha Meds Watermelon 1000mg

  1. Merlin jane

    Never thought buying online could be so cool

  2. Mark pires

    Thanks for delivery you got very good stuff

  3. Erico max

    Cool and very nice aroma thanks for delivery

  4. Lee rose

    Thanks for the services very great

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