Mychron Live Resin Micro Diamonds

Mychron Live Resin Micro Diamonds

Using only the finest cannabis oil and CCELL hardware, our live resin is perfectly suited for vaping, resulting in puffs of flavorful, mouth-watering hits with every draw. Each cartridge is filled with high-quality, terpene-rich cannabis oil grown exclusively in California and is 100% free from fillers and additives.

Mychron extracts is a cannabis lifestyle brand based in Oakland, California. We use an ethanol based extraction process to produce rich golden multi spectrum oil, flavored with botanical terpenes, and delivered with Jupiter – CCELL vape cartridge hardware and custom batteries. If there’s one thing Mychron strives to be, it’s multifaceted. By no means are we just a cannabis company; we aim to bring value to our community in a variety of ways.

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Our Micro Diamonds are everything you’ve been looking for in a live resin. Beloved for its exotic flavor profiles and supercharging capabilities, this chunky, sugary, sauce provides the perfect consistency for dabbing. With its natural intensity and high terpene count this concentrate can help unlock bursts of clarity, creativity, and enlightenment.


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