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Order LIIIL Disposables Online

We originally thought the STIIIZY disposable was just a marketing gimmick. STIIIZY has become remarkably popular throughout California and beyond, after all, and every big brand becomes tempted to make products that are more fluff than substance. Then, a few experiences with leaky cartridges made us lose faith in STIIIZY even further.

All that changed when we decided to give the STIIIZY disposable another shot. We’re now convinced this disposable THC vape stays true to its promise of being a tasty, dependable pen that delivers a half-gram of cannabis goodness.

The STIIIZY disposable battery life lasts a long time, and hitting the STIIZY is one of the most compact, discreet ways we’ve ever used THC. Sporting new, eco-friendly packaging, the STIIIZY disposable experience is fresher than before right from the get-go, and as long as you handle your pen properly, you won’t experience any leaks.

  • Smoked well
  • Fast effects
  • Decent price
  • Great strain selection
  • Reliable brand
  • Very Discreet
  • Easy to hit
  • Variety of strains
  • Reliable effects no matter the strain

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Containing a half-gram of concentrate that lasts around 50 puffs, the STIIIZY disposable provides around two weeks of usage for the average consumer who takes 3.5 to 4 draws daily. There are more-affordable THC vape pens available, but STIIIZY charges a reasonable price for the quality of its cannabis concentrate.

  • Price: $20
  • Value: 4/5

Activation & Duration

We didn’t have any problems with the activation time of our STIIIZY disposable. The high THC content and robust terpene profiles in each STIIIZY pen ensure that you’ll feel potent effects almost instantly after inhaling. However, the duration of effects is disappointing if you only take a single hit. You’ll need to inhale multiple hits in one session to get truly stoned for a considerable period of time.

  • Activation time: Immediate
  • Effects lasted for 20 minutes or so from one hit


The STIIIZY disposable is a very convenient product due to its compact design. It’s almost too convenient: Our first few STIIIZY pens ended up in our pockets more than we’d like to admit. If you want to avoid the leakage and clogging problems we encountered, handle your STIIIZY battery carefully and keep it stored upright at home.Order LIIIL Disposables Online

  • Sold in: LA, SF, SD, Tahoe, Sacramento, Palm Springs
  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma

Whichever STIIIZY strain we try, this brand’s THC concentrate tastes high-quality. The terpenes contained in each disposable STIIIZY pen are quite loud, and the underlying extract has a fantastic flavor.

  • Flavor: 5/5

STIIIZY Disposable Ranked By Strain

At this point, we’ve tried every single STIIIZY LIIIL disposable available in California dispensaries. We rated each STIIIZY Disposable THC Vape Pen on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the number of puffs, how long the battery lasted, flavor, effects, leakage, and design:

*** Key – I for Indica, S for Sativa, and H for Hybrid

Packing a big punch in a LIIIL package. LIIIL STIIIZY is the ultimate portable, disposable weed pen that delivers an unexpected vaping experience with great taste and bigger clouds. Its simplicity and portability make LIIIL STIIIZY the new on-the-go must have vape device.


  • Biscotti (I)
  • Hardcore OG (I)
  • King Louis XIII (I)
  • OG Kush (I)
  • Purple Punch (I)
  • SFV OG (I)
  • Skywalker OG (I)
  • Watermelon Z (I)
  • White Raspberry (I)


  • Blue Dream (S)
  • Orange Sunset (S)
  • Premium Jack (S)
  • Sour Diesel (S)
  • Sour Tangie (S)
  • Strawberry Cough (S)



  • Apple Fritter (H)
  • Birthday Cake (H)
  • Blue Burst (H)
  • Do-Si-Dos (H)
  • Gelato (H)
  • Granddaddy Purp (H)
  • Pineapple Express (H)
  • Strawnana (H)


  • Juicy Melon (1:1 THC/CBD)
  • Mango (1:1 THC/CBD)



Available in .5 gram disposable pods.

Best Dosage

Take 1-2 draws per hour. Each pen lasts for around 50 draws. Store your STIIIZY LIIIL disposable upright in a cool location to prevent leaks.

STIIIZY Disposable Review – Target Audience + FAQs

The STIIIZY LIIIL disposable is ideal for newcomers to the cannabis world searching for immediate effects. If you’re a cannabis user looking for an at-home product that’s easy to use and effective, the STIIIZY disposable is right for you.

1. What is a STIIIZY disposable?

A STIIIZY Disposable Pod is a disposable vape pen developed by popular California vape brand STIIIZY. Featuring a non-rechargeable battery combined with a vape pod, the disposable vape pen is incredibly convenient while containing tasty, high-quality cannabis extract.

2. Is the STIIIZY LIIIL disposable lab-tested?

Yes, Order LIIIL Disposables Online are reported: “All our products are tested by state-licensed, independent labs to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals such as Benzine, pesticides, and metals. We also maintain the highest quality by only using the purest cannabis extracts and botanical terpenes. We do not add “fillers’ ‘ such as vitamin E acetates to our products.”

3. How long do STIIIZY disposables last?

We bought every STIIIZY dispoable available on Eaze and Weedmaps. The majority lasted for around 50 big hits. That’s a realistic number of hits to get out of a vape pen for the average cannabis consumer in today’s market. Order STIIIZY Disposables Online

4. How many mg is a STIIIZY LIIIL?

Each STIIIZY disposable contains 0.5g of cannabis concentrate, and most of this producer’s strains contain around 85% THC. So, expect your STIIIZY pen to contain around 420mg THC.

5. STIIIZY disposable battery dead?

Your STIIIZY’s disposable battery is designed to continue supplying power for as long as its cartridge contains THC extract. If your STIIIZY disposable battery is no longer hitting even though there is still distillate visible in the cartridge, contact the dispensary that sold you the pen to report a faulty product. Be sure to check the dispensary’s return policies before proceeding.

6. How to charge a STIIIZY disposable.

There is no way to charge a STIIIZY disposable vape pen since these STIIIZY pens are disposable. The battery in a STIIIZY disposable is not meant to be recharged once it dies—it’s simply discarded along with the rest of the pen.

7. What do I do if my STIIIZY LIIIL pod is clogged?

If your STIIIZY disposable is not working, we have a tip for that. The first step is to take a few small inhales to heat up the pod, around 3 to 5. Once the pod is lightly heated take a few deep inhales, around 1 to 2. After a few deep inhales you should feel the pod unclog, it will almost make a clicking sound. A clogged pod just means the oil is likely cold, a little heating will do the trick.

8. Why is my STIIZY hitting weak?

A weak hit is usually caused by a lack of oil, a weak battery, or a clogged pod. If you are low on oil it will look like the pod is almost empty, an empty pod when heated tastes differently, pay attention to the taste. A weak battery will also create a weak hit, it’s hard to tell if your battery is weak, a good indicator is to take a 3 to 5-second deep inhale if the vape volume is weak then you can be fairly confident that your battery is low. A clogged pod we discussed in question seven.

9. Are STIIIZY LIIIL disposable vape pens good?

Yes, we’re very impressed by each strain offered in the STIIIZY LIIIL line. Combining elegance and convenience, the disposable vape pen is ideal either for new cannabis consumers who aren’t sure how to operate a vape pen or experienced cannabis lovers who simply want to keep their vaping as convenient and discreet as possible.Order LIIIL Disposables Online

10. Are STIIIZY LIIIL pens worth it?

Overall, we’d say STIIIZY disposable THC pens are absolutely worth it. Compared to some other manufacturers, STIIIZY vape pens can be slightly more expensive. What you’re getting, though, is a high-THC cartridge boosted by delicious, potent-tasting terpenes. And, you don’t even have to worry about charging any batteries. California cannabis consumers can get STIIIZY pens delivered today via popular cannabis delivery platforms like Eaze and WeedMaps.

11. Are STIIIZY and STIIZY the same?

The spelling is a bit difficult for this brand, but don’t worry, STIZY, STIZZY, STIIZY, STIZZYS, LIIIL, LIL, LIIIIL, and LIIL are all the same thing.

Order STIIIZY Disposables Online


Biscotti (I), Hardcore OG (I), King Louis XIII (I), OG Kush (I), Purple Punch (I), SFV OG (I), Skywalker OG (I), Watermelon Z (I), White Raspberry (I), Blue Dream (S), Orange Sunset (S), Premium Jack (S), Sour Diesel (S), Sour Tangie (S), Strawberry Cough (S), Apple Fritter (H), Birthday Cake (H), Blue Burst (H), Do-Si-Dos (H), Gelato (H), Granddaddy Purp (H), Pineapple Express (H), Strawnana (H), Juicy Melon (1:1 THC/CBD), Mango (1:1 THC/CBD


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