Truffle Scotti Strain for Sale

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Truffle Scotti Strain for Sale

Styling itself the “King of Weed,” Truffle Scotti Strain has taken the California cannabis flower market by storm with its top-shelf, artisan buds. As one of our long-time favorite strains, we decided to shell out $270 to try an oz of this brand’s  Scotti Strain flower.

We definitely weren’t disappointed with our Truffle Scotti Weed experience, but we do question whether it was worth the price tag. Learn everything we found out about the flavor and effects of this jar of top-shelf Trufflez buds.

Benefits of Truffle Scotti Strain

We strongly believe that every individual should have easy access to high-quality marijuana at affordable rates. The pleasure and satisfaction of our customers mean everything to us, and we do our best to procure top-shelf strains.Buy Truffle Scotti Strain Online. We found that around 1 gram of Kings Garden Blue Dream provided the best dosage for our needs. As dedicated Blue Dream lovers, however, we might have indulged more than the average consumer would want to. If you aren’t as gung-ho about high-quality Truffle Scotti as we are, stick to around 0.5 grams instead.

Thanks to our association with top breeders and cultivators in the industry, we have a massive customer base worldwide. We welcome your positive and negative feedback and use them to improve further. Kindly contact us if you have any questions!

Truffle Scotti Reviews

All things considered, we believe that Truffle Scotti deserves a respectable 4.6 out of 5 overall score. While we’re skeptical about the overly “bro-ey” hype that this brand cultivates alongside its top-shelf flower, there’s no denying that this Truffle Scotti Garden product was some of the best kush we’ve ever smoked. Drop the price tag and market the product more on its merits and less on its ability to fuel a mindlessly hedonistic lifestyle, and we’d give Kings Garden Blue Dream a perfect score.

We ground up around a gram of our Truffle Scotti oz and rolled it into a joint. The buds were highly crumbly without being too try, and they were absolutely covered with crystals. It wasn’t just the outside of the buds that expressed abundant trichomes—Truffle Scotti was coated with crystals all the way into the center of the bud, indicating excellent cultivation practices.Truffle Scotti Strain for Sale

Activation Time

Lighting up our Truffle Scotti joint, we noted that our buds offered a nice, slow burn. The primary effects set in within around 5 minutes, and they lasted for nearly 90 minutes, attesting to the high quality and impressive potency of our Kings Garden Blue Dream nugs.

We noticed that the smoke produced by our Truffle Scotti buds joint was slightly harsher than expected. It isn’t clear what could have caused this mild negative effect since Kings Garden appears to take great care when producing its cannabis.Many cannabis connoisseurs swear by Trufflez for its unique fusion of indica and sativa effects, and we’re pleased to say that Kings Garden perfectly captured the magic of Truffle Scotti in these crystally, potent buds.

Here are the high points of our experience with Truffle Scotti Strain:

  • Fast activation time and remarkably long-lasting effects
  • Smoke was slightly harsh
  • Potent head high mixed with a mild body high


About the Product

Getting too deeply into the story behind Truffle Scotti would be a little bit embarrassing. Let’s suffice to say that this brand is California through and through. Its website features abundant images of attractive women, boats, bonfires, and yes, of course, weed.

Unlike most California cannabis cultivators, which shy away from using the word “weed,” Trufflez Scotti wears this semi-pejorative term as a badge of honor. Claiming the status of the “original and largest cultivator in California’s renowned Coachella Valley,” Kings Garden states that its mission is to produce THC-rich buds that are “perfectly consistent” and “creatively curated.”

Here’s what we liked the most about Truffle Scotti:

  • Obvious, passionate dedication to quality
  • Focus on popular strains with reliable effects
  • Classic Blue Dream effects packaged in potent, crystally buds



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