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Buy Space Monkey MEds Tins

Buy Space Monkey MEds Tins

 Buy space monkey meds tins with free shipping for purchases paid via BITCOINS for first-time buyers and best online selling prices;

3.5G tins =$45 each, (1Box 32tins) = $700) (2boxes 64tins= $1400) (5boxes160tins=$3500) (10boxes = $6000)

with all the good prices we have Client satisfaction is our priority Our 2nd goal is to develop a long-lasting relationship with you and our team so feel free to leave is feedback anytime.

Shipping Method

Shipping is done Via DHL EMS UPS FedEx, shipping proceeds immediately we receive your order and confirmation of payments via bitcoin and other safety agencies for its fast and confidential…
Discrete shipping of space monkey meds worldwide and all packages are entitled to a tracking number which enables costumers to monitor their packages online as it reaches their location. This ships as 4 four-gram sealed cans.

The next stage in the cannabis industrial revolution: quality controlled, consistent, highest quality frosty buds.

Expensive but a good value because you smoke less of it. Comes with a resealable lid, use a vaporizer and these meds will keep you rolling in the deep green for a very long time.

Please specify sativa or indica, strains vary constantly as these guys keep up quality standards in the face of exploding demand.

Space Monkey Meds Lemon Cookies GRAPHICS

We have the privilege to ship our product to any part of the world.

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