Buy Obama Runtz Weed

Buy Obama Runtz Weed is an unconfirmed strain from the east coast that appeared in mid-2020, thought to be a combination of Afghani and OG Kush. Online sources indicate this may be a distant relative of the like-named Obama Kush, but no cultivator or breeder has come forth to officially claim the strain or confirm its lineage.

Obama Runtz entered a state of trendingness early may, though sadly not for reasons involving, say, some brave cannabis company stepping up to offer batches of such a thing for free as a stimulus package of the non-monetary variety.

Buy Obama Runtz Weed

Instead, a clip has been circulating in which someone recalls coming across what could be an Obama-referencing iteration of the revered Zkittlez and Gelato hybrid. The person in the clip also mentions that the person they say was hyping up Obama Runtz was wearing a 4PF (i.e. Lil Baby’s 4 Pockets Full line) chain.


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