Buy Stiiizy Pen Battery

$ 18.00

Buy Stiiizy Pen Battery

This is a great battery for dosage control. It comes in a sleek black box equipped with white labeling that is easy to read. The packaging opens from the middle: Inside you find a battery, charging cable, and instructions.

  • Dose controlled
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Conserves your vape cartridge
  • Beautiful packaging
  • White & black options
  • Official Original STIIIZY Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 210mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charging Port
  • Voltage: 3.2+\-0.1V
  • *Pods sold separately
  • Small and discreet


  • Cannabinoid content: N/A
  • Head high: 0/5
  • Body high: 0/5


We stand behind earlier statements that Stiiizy is the Apple of weed. Just as you expect to pay an extra 15% or so when you buy Apple products, you simply pay more for Dosist tech of any kind. That doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  • Price: $20
  • Value: 5/5


This vape battery charges, connects, and activates just like it’s supposed to.

  • Activation time: Immediate


This is a great battery if you’re a fan of Stiiizy products. The packaging is excellent and has an Apple-esque design. We found it easy to charge this battery, and it seems to last a while.

Just be careful not to lose the proprietary charging cord. They can be hard to find even though they’re pretty inexpensive to replace.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Various STIIIZY VAPE PEN & BATTERY Design and colors

From the exterior packaging to the product inside, everything about the design of the Dosist vape battery is downright beautiful. Dosist might even pull off the retro ‘70s aesthetic better than Apple. This battery is sleek and clearly made of high-quality, durable materials. Do various Available stiiizy pod device colors include?

  • Design: 5/5

420 Weed Delivery

The gives you a choice of a three-second pull for a single dose or a six-second pull for a double dose. Every single three-second puff delivers 2.5mg total cannabinoids, of which approximately 2.4mg are THC. That’s the point of Dosist. Now, with the six-second, pull you get 5mg total cannabinoids.

You’re free to take as many of these tightly controlled puffs as you like, but the dosage will never change. Dosist spends extra money on high-end, temperature-responsive batteries to make extra sure of this.

Target Audience

Stiiizy pod Battery is ideal for more responsible THC users who want to be careful with today’s high-potency products. Vaping is definitely one of the most potent ways to use THC, but you can easily vape too much weed. Try the Dosist pen-cartridge combo if you’re ready to try a mature approach to getting stoned.

Stiiizy Battery vs. other vape batteries

How does the Stiiizy battery shape up compared to popular competitors? Find out in the comparison section below before you Buy Stiiizy Pen Battery online

Order STIIIZY battery vs. PAX battery

PAX Era batteries are also only compatible with proprietary cartridges, but PAX is happy to let third-party producers fill and market their carts. Dosist carts, however, only contain Dosist-produced cannabis extract.

  • Similar battery life
  • PAX Era is completely programmable via Bluetooth or USB
  • Similar price
  • PAX Era is somewhat less proprietary

STIIIZY battery vs. Select Cliq

The Select Cliq battery features an unusual magnetic connection mechanism and is only compatible with Select Cliq cartridges, making it very similar to the Stiiizy Battery. As far as totally proprietary cannabis vape batteries go, these options are pretty much on par with Dosist offering improved benefits for THC users who want to inhale exact doses.

  • Both completely proprietary
  • Select Cliq uses magnetic connection technology
  • Stiiizy is better for mature users
  • Select Cliq is better for “party” smokers

STIIIZY battery vs. Moxie battery

Moxie is a California cannabis company that also produces a line of branded merch and accessories. The Moxie battery is a standard 510-threaded setup compatible with most vape cartridges that don’t have proprietary designs. It’s useless for Dosist cartridges, though.

  • Moxie makes a reasonably good standard 510-threaded vape battery
  • It’s not compatible with the Dosist battery
  • Consumers trust Moxie for conventional vape needs, though

STIIIZY battery vs. ABX battery

Another California cannabis brand with a big reach, ABX produces a line of vape batteries ranging from stubby lighter-shaped designs to professional-grade batteries that come in carrying cases. These standard 510-threaded batteries don’t work with proprietary carts, however.

  • ABX makes some nice 510-threaded batteries
  • For Stiiizy Pods, though, you’ll need to go with the Stiiizy Battery

Stiiizy Battery FAQ

1. How long does the STIIIZY battery last?

The Stiiizy Battery is designed to last 200 doses between charges. The reality of rechargeable battery lifespan, however, rarely lives up to the tech spec hype.

It’s best to charge your Stiiizy Weed vape pen Battery between doses to make sure you’re vaping at maximum voltage, and you should definitely charge it at least every night. Charging the Stiiizy battery is easy since you don’t need to remove the cartridge.Buy Stiiizy Pen Battery

2. How do you know when a STIIIZY battery is charged?

When you plug your Stiiizy Battery in, the light at the base will pulse in a “breathing” pattern. This breathing pulse will stabilize into a steady light once the charge cycle is complete.

3. Where can I buy a STIIIZY battery?

Stiiizy batteries are available most places where Stiiizy products are sold. Check out the store locator to find partnered retailers in your area, or use cannabis delivery services like WeedMaps or Eaze to have the Dosist battery delivered to your door.


BLESSED by STIIIZY (formally known as BLESSED by LIIIT) will be STIIIZY’s continuous commitment to the community that raised it. As part of the company’s new charitable model, portions of the funds will be donated to causes and/or organizations that have been supported in the past such as: U.S. Military Veteran affairs, homelessness, social equity, the community at large or any current needs that arise. Each strain created exclusively under this line will be available at all STIIIZY retail locations as well as many verified retail stores across California.


Black Stiiizy Battery,  Pearl White Stiiizy Battery,  Red Stiiizy Battery,  Blue Stiiizy Battery,  Rose Stiiizy Battery,  Orange Stiiizy Battery,  Camo Stiiizy Battery,  Silver Stiiizy Battery,  Gold Stiiizy Battery,  Rose Gold Stiiizy Battery,  Purple Stiiizy Battery,  Green Stiiizy Battery,  Neon Blue Stiiizy Battery,  Neon Green Stiiizy Battery,  Neon Pink Stiiizy Battery,  Neon Yellow Stiiizy Battery, Neon Orange Stiiizy Battery


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