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Good Trip Mushroom Bars

These “Magic Mushroom” products contain a proprietary blend of liposomes and nootropics that activate the same receptors in the brain as traditional psychedelic mushrooms. This revolutionary mushroom blend is carefully crafted to promote cognitive function and overall well-being. It’s formulated with the highest quality liposomes, which are microscopic spheres that deliver nutrients and compounds directly to your cells. This ensures maximum absorption and efficacy.

What sets our “Magic Mushroom” blend apart is its unique ability to target the same receptors in the brain that are responsible for psychedelic effects. It is designed to promote mental clarity and focus, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. With regular use, you can experience heightened cognitive function and a greater sense of overall vitality.

Good Trip Bars Flavors

The Good Trip shroom bar brand started off with 6 amazing and unique flavors. This is what gives this brand it’s appeal in comparison to other mushroom chocolate brands such as ours the fusion shroom Bars. The road trip chocolate bar flavors include:

  • Good Trip Mushroom Cocoa Crunch
  • Good Trip Mushroom Marshmallow Charms
  • Good Trip Mushroom Strawberry Shortcake
  • Good Trip Mushroom Cookies and Cream
  • Good Trip Mushroom Cinamon Toast
  • Good Trip Mushroom Dark Chocolate
  • Good Trip Mushroom Milk Chocolate

The flavors are quite different from those of more established and popular brands such as the mk chocolate bars and one up mushroom bars and this is what gives them the edge.

Good Trip Bars Review

The reason why our mushroom products yield a positive psychotropic effect is that research suggests many of these “serotonin agonists” can individually yield a psychotropic effect, if the user consumes enough of these ingredients at one time. However, the body is unable to process these ingredients all at once, in their normal state. With our proprietary formula and delivery system, they’re able to hit the receptor site all at once, which triggers an optimal effect.

The ingredients are first converted into a smaller, evenly homogenized particle size to trick the user’s body, in a sense, into feeling like they’re consuming much more than they actually are. All those ingredients hitting the receptor site at the same time triggers a highly bioavailable and efficacious blend of all ingredients, all at once—yielding an intensely euphoric effect.

Benefits of Good Trip Chocolates. Does it Really help with Anxiety?

Now, some of the main questions that the Good Trip team always seems to get include:

  1. Will Good Trip chocolate improve my mental health?
  2. Will my insomnia get better if I consume Good Trip bars?
  3. I have a high pressure job and i’m always stressed. Can Good Trip mushroom chocolate help with my stress?

There is no definitive answer to all these questions. However, studies have shown that individuals that consume funguy mushroom bars on a regular basis have shown improved results in sections such as:

  • Insomnia :  A test was carried out and it was shown that after consuming funguy mushroom bars for about two weeks. It led to better sleep and improved sleep cycle
  • Stress: It also helped those suffering from stress and anxiety due to its’ sedative effects.

There are many more benefits that can be got from consuming these chocolate bars that we can’t even least all as the bars affect different people in different ways. It is quite similar to our road trip mushroom bars in that way.

Good Trip Chocolate Bar: The Future of the Shroom Chocolate Industry

Though the Good Trip chocolates brand is a new player in the mushroom industry. It has already gained a lot of popularity and there are no signs to show that it is slowing down anytime soon. From the tail end of 2022 right up to the time of writing this article. The Good Trip mushroom bar has been in direct competition with the fusion chocolate bars for the spot of the best new mushroom bar. It has already surpassed all expectations and this is testament to the quality of the bars.

The brand has further capitalized on all this traction and created the funguy gummies which are yet another delicious treat that every mushroom lover can enjoy. Galaxy Stix Carts

Good Trip Mushroom Packaging & Appearance

The packaging of Good Trip chocolate bars is quite different from that of many of these black market chocolate bars. Its’ packaging is quite unique and different from the others. The packaging is a brown wrapper with the Good Trip logo at the center. Once you open the wrapper, there is an aluminum foil in it with the chocolate in it.

The care taken throughout the process is one of the reasons why it is the fastest growing mushroom chocolate brands in currently in the market. Good Trip chocolates is definitely here to stay and definitely one of the best in the market. The brand is showing no signs of slowing and we should expect more for them in the coming years.


Good Trip Mushroom Cocoa Crunch, Good Trip Mushroom Marshmallow Charms, Good Trip Mushroom Strawberry Shortcake, Good Trip Mushroom Cookies and Cream, Good Trip Mushroom Cinamon Toast, Good Trip Mushroom Dark Chocolate, Good Trip Mushroom Milk Chocolate


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