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The nose on Blue Zlushie is just as powerful as expected, but not necessarily the terp pro le I was
imagining. Loads of soapy citrus rind upfront, followed by some astringent skunk notes, a hint of that
freshly washed linen and dryer sheet come into play before concluding with a saltwater Taffy version
of blue fruit punch. Volume is around an 8, and it is rockin’.

For a regulated drop, this bud is in dandy condition. Derb and Terpys Blue Zlushie, The humidity is on
point, and in a proper state to be enjoyed immediately via combustion or vapor. Aesthetically, this is a
pretty gorgeous looking bud with its rich dark purple hues and rich, shimmering coat of trichs. A bit of
sticky grapefruit peel is left on my ngers after the breakdown.

Buy Derb and Terpys Blue Zlushie

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